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Welcome to For The Pop, exclusively on www.totallybuzzed.co.uk. Let me introduce myself and the purpose of this column in the briefest way possible. I’m Laura and I’ve watched pro wrestling since the late 90s, and just like any wrestling fan on the internet, I have opinions. While most will just use Twitter to yell them into the void, I thought I’d be more productive and not limit myself to a 280-character limit by posting them on a website instead.

As for the column, you can expect opinions on wrestling news topics of the day, shows or matches that I’ve recently watched, and everything in between. This also means my column will reference WWE, AEW, MLW, and sometimes if the stars align, other companies.

Sasha Banks/Naomi

The Sasha Banks/Naomi situation has dominated the headlines of the dirt sheets and filled my timeline with petty arguments regarding who is in the right, WWE or Sasha Banks/Naomi.

Yet given that all parties haven’t publicly spoken, how can anyone form a true opinion on it? The mixed reports and mixed opinions have blurred the narrative.

The only things I can truly say about the whole messy situation is that WWE women’s division is much weaker without Banks and Naomi and that the company (through Michael Cole) saying lines like the duo’s actions have “disappointed millions of WWE fans” feels petty.

WWE Cardiff Prices

While it’s no surprise to see eye-watering prices these days, the prices of WWE Cardiff tickets were still jarring. With hospitality packages going for around £4k, floor seating ranging from roughly between £112 and £1600, and even the upper-tier seats costing upwards of £39; it’s hard to see how WWE is hoping to sell out the 74,500-seater Principality Stadium during a cost of living crisis.

Yet while I may be skeptical…if Drew Mcintyre’s tweet is to be taken at face value, the company has already shifted 40,000 tickets – which is no doubt a reflection of the passionate fanbase in the UK but also the fact it’s been way too long since WWE held a show of this size in the UK.

Hopefully, the event ends up being worth the attendance fee and not a glorified house show that will leave fans questioning their decision to splash the cash – because they won’t be so quick to part with their earnings if the WWE follow up relatively quickly with another UK arena show.

AEW Double or Nothing

Talking of big shows, the card of Double or Nothing looks stacked. From the world championship clash between Hangman Adam Page and CM Punk to even Hookhausen’s clash with Tony Nese and Mark Sterling which is scheduled for the buy-in, every match has something compelling going for it.

If this doesn’t end up being one of the best events of 2022, then something must go horribly wrong or we’re about to embark on one of the greatest years of professional wrestling.

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