Sasha Banks

With reports circulating that Sasha Bank’s time in WWE has come to end, it seems the company has well and truly dropped the ball.

At the age of only 30 years old, Sasha Banks has already accomplished more than most and has time left to double her current accomplishments and then some.

In a time where WWE have struggled to create main-event level stars consistently, letting one like Sasha go will come back to haunt them.

Adam Cole

Booker T criticising Adam Cole for his body size had me facepalming this week and checking what year it was. You’d think by now that pro wrestling being filled with bodies of all shapes and sizes was given and accepted. Cole has proven time and time again that he’s capable of putting on fantastic matches and telling great stories in that ring – regardless of what company he is in. While Booker T suggested that he thought Cole needed to put on muscle as that would reduce his risk of injury – looking at the long list of wrestlers, of varying sizes, on the sidelines currently, I’m not seeing a clear correlation.

Brock v Roman

Cowboy Brock Lesnar and Tribal Chief Roman Reigns are both entertaining and arguably at the top of their game, yet that doesn’t mean we need to see them clash AGAIN. It’s like the era of Randy Orton v John Cena all over again. No matter the gimmick you slap on the match, the feud has been bled dry and it’s time to let it rest as no one wants to see it.

Also while some may argue that there’s no one else on Roman’s level, i.e someone you can imagine taking his titles, how will anyone be able to climb the card and move on to Roman’s level if the Brock Lesnar button is pushed at every opportunity.

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