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Welcome to For The Pop, exclusively on www.totallybuzzed.co.uk. Let me introduce myself and the purpose of this column in the briefest way possible. I’m Laura and I’ve watched pro wrestling since the late 90s, and just like any wrestling fan on the internet, I have opinions. While most will just use Twitter to yell them into the void, I thought I’d be more productive and not limit myself to a 280-character limit by posting them on a website instead.

As for the column, you can expect opinions on wrestling news topics of the day, shows or matches that I’ve recently watched, and everything in between. This also means my column will reference WWE, AEW, MLW, and sometimes if the stars align, other companies.


WWE Raw being good shouldn’t be a questionable statement, but for a fair long while, if you uttered this phrase you probably would have been asked ‘whether you were okay?’ shortly after. Heck, someone will probably check in on me after reading this. Yet I can’t deny the fact that since Wrestlemania, Monday Night Raw has delivered. Yes, there are still the odd questionable segments – see the 24/7 title picture – but it’s far from being considered unwatchable; and what show is truly perfect, even AEW Dynamite has its low moments during the show, aka the segments that just aren’t for me.

And it had me thinking, what’s changed? Did Cody Rhodes’ return really make the whole show feel better? Are different wrestlers being used? Is it a case of wrestlers simply being used better? All these factors are probably playing some sort of a part, but I think it’s because RAW’s writers are finally not treating its audience like mindless goldfish.

The show is referring back to what happened in previous weeks, see segments like Kevin Owens not forgetting that Seth Rollins called him a fat ass the following week, or look at the Ezekiel storyline. WWE has repackaged Elias and instead of trying to ignore that, they’re doing a storyline where the audience is laughing along with the product rather than being laughed at or treated like an idiot by blindly insisting this is indeed a “new” superstar debuting. See previous issues like when Albert returned as Lord Tensai.


Before I round off this short edition of For The Pop, it’d be remiss of me not to mention one of my favorite things happening in the “AEW Galaxy” right now. This tongue-in-cheek parody of everything cringey WWE does wrapped into a heel stable is glorious and the fact it’s being built up at the same time as the ultra gritty Blackpool Combat Club means down the line we’re going to have one hell of a face-off between two polar opposite groups.

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