The companion piece to the forty-seventh episode of the Totally Buzzed UK Podcast Episode 47: Don’t Lick Walls

Laura and Jon Squires preside over the forty-seventh episode of the Totally Buzzed UK Podcast. The podcast drops every Monday on all-good podcasting platforms and discusses the weird, wonderful, and down-right unbelievable stories that are floating around the web.

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The Stories Featured On Episode Forty-Seventh of The Totally Buzzed UK Podcast:

Himalayan salt wall: Restaurant guests are encouraged to lick the walls while dining

The first story of the podcast was sourced from and was about an Arizona restaurant. The restaurant in question had made the headlines as it had installed a Himalayan rock salt wall, that customers could lick.

Squiggy shared his horror at the thought of licking a wall especially given the events in recent years. Laura and Squiggy then discussed experience restaurants in general, and how Instagram has changed the game.

Disneyland employee branded ‘evil’ after ruining proposal – and snatching the ring

The second story saw the duo take a virtual trip to Disneyland Paris after a proposal went viral for the wrong reasons. As the Daily Mirror’s website explained, a man’s proposal to his girlfriend took a wrong turn after a staff member snatched the ring from him just as he was about to pop the question, in order to move them to a different location.

Squiggy, who has worked at Disney World, explained why the staff member may not deserve all the criticism coming his way and explained why he wouldn’t propose in front of the sleeping beauty castle.

Guinea Pig Shatters Basketball Slam Dunk Record in Adorable Video

The final tale of the podcast saw Squiggy and Laura discuss another new Guinness World Record. As reported by Newsweek, a Guinea Pig has shattered the record for most basketball slam dunks in 30 seconds by a guinea pig.

Laura questioned whether the guinea pig was a better basketball player than Squires before the pair debated other fun records animals could set.

What The Buzz?

Squires whipped out another mind-blowing fact, in order to entertain the listeners.

This week’s edition saw him share an interesting piece of info about the flags at Disney theme parks.

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