The companion piece to the forty-fifth episode of the Totally Buzzed UK Podcast Episode 45: The Modem Massive

Laura and Tommy preside over the forty-fifth episode of the Totally Buzzed UK Podcast. The podcast drops every Monday on all-good podcasting platforms and discusses the weird, wonderful, and down-right unbelievable stories that are floating around the web.

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The Stories Featured On Episode Forty-Five of The Totally Buzzed UK Podcast:

Oklahoma Sooners get commitment from junior college QB General Booty

The first story came from and detailed how the Oklahoma Sooners had got a commitment from junior college quarterback General Booty.

This story was discussed on the weird news podcast that is the Totally Buzzed UK podcast due to the player’s name. Tommy and Laura spoke about the name and also referred to several other sports stars who were also blessed with eyebrow-raising names.

VALORANT player sits atop cell tower to get better ping

The second news article was sourced from and shared the lengths one Valorant player had gone to in order to get a better ping.

Tommy revealed whether he’d climb 200ft to get a better ping before giving his blunt thoughts on Laura’s unique internet set-up.

Indian couple longing for grandchild sues son, his wife

The final story came from and claimed a couple was suing their son as he had failed to give them a grandchild.

Laura quizzed Tommy on what he would do if his parents or in-laws sued him in order to get him to produce a grandchild.

TikTok Spotlight:

In the latest edition of TikTok Spotlight, Laura highlighted a TikTok that she enjoys and believes others would enjoy.

@snuksank How confident is your tesla. #tesla #model3 #longrange #autopilot #selfdriving #recepiefordisaster ♬ original sound – Snuk

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