The companion piece to the forty-fourth episode of the Totally Buzzed UK Podcast Episode 44: Premeditated Mowing

Laura and Tommy preside over the forty-fourth episode of the Totally Buzzed UK Podcast. The podcast drops every Monday on all-good podcasting platforms and discusses the weird, wonderful, and down-right unbelievable stories that are floating around the web.

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The Stories Featured On Episode Forty-Four of The Totally Buzzed UK Podcast:

Intoxicated man causing disturbances attempts to hide from police under a blanket

The first story was sourced from and was about an intoxicated man who allegedly hid under a blanket after previously being told to leave the area and not return.

Tommy explained why he thought this plan was doomed to fail, before sharing a story about a blanket and a drunk Laura.

Man caught on video using stolen lawnmower to cut victim’s grass

The second tale discussed was from and was about how someone allegedly stole a lawnmower and used it to cut the person he stole it from’s grass.

Tommy admitted he couldn’t wrap his head around this tale, before stating what baffled him the most.

Laura and Tommy then discussed lawns as well as what is considered to be a polite crime.

Goodwill Sold a Bust for $34.99. It’s an Ancient Roman Relic

The final story of the podcast came from the and described how a woman had bought an Ancient Roman Relic for $34.99. The relic in question had been nicknamed “Dennis Reynolds” by the woman after one of the lead characters in the sitcom ‘Always Sunny In The Philidelphia’.

The duo discussed why the woman was spot-on to name the relic Dennis Reynolds before sharing their thoughts on bargain hunting.

TikTok Spotlight:

In the latest edition of TikTok Spotlight, Laura highlighted a TikTok that she enjoys and believes others would enjoy.

@sillyguybiggs #answer to @spidermark790 3 million views 😬😭 #greysanatomyfans ♬ original sound – IG: @beastthoughts

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