The companion piece to the forty-second episode of the Totally Buzzed UK Podcast Episode 42: “Laura and The Record Machines”

Kayleigh and Laura preside over the forty-second episode of the Totally Buzzed UK Podcast. The podcast drops every Monday on all-good podcasting platforms and discusses the weird, wonderful, and down-right unbelievable stories that are floating around the web.

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The Stories Featured On Episode Forty-Two of The Totally Buzzed UK Podcast:

Meanwhile in England: Restaurant Offers Discount to Put Your Device in ‘Phone Jail,’ Free If You Chuck It in River

The first story was sourced from and was all about mobile phones. As the article explained, a restaurant in Kent is offering a discount if a party agrees to lock their phones in a cell for the duration of their meal.

Kayleigh and Laura discussed how easy it is to become addicted to their phones as well as whether they’d be able to stay off their devices.

Amateur footballer, 64, celebrates playing 1000th game in Norfolk league

The second news article came from and was about a record-breaking amateur footballer. The footballer in question was celebrating his 1000th game after playing local football since the age of 17.

Laura and Kayleigh chatted about whether they could be committed to a hobby for as long a time.

Woman crashes into headstones during driving practice in cemetery

The final story of the podcast was from and was about one women’s driving nightmare. The woman in question allegedly crashed into eight headstones in a Massachusetts cemetery.

Kayleigh questioned Laura about her driving skills before both proceeded to share their driving stories.

TikTok Spotlight:

In the latest edition of TikTok Spotlight, Kayleigh highlighted a TikTok that she enjoys and believes others would enjoy.

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