The companion piece to the fourth episode of the Totally Buzzed UK Podcast Episode 4 “Animal Magic”

Kayleigh and Laura preside over the fourth episode of the Totally Buzzed UK Podcast. The podcast drops every Monday on all-good podcasting platforms and discusses the weird, wonderful, and down-right unbelievable stories that are floating around the web.

The Stories Featured On Episode Four:

1. “A Research Vessel Found SpongeBob Look-Alikes A Mile Under The Ocean’s Surface”

This story, which was featured on, details how a research vessel came across a sponge, which resembles the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants, and a starfish, which resembles Spongebob’s best friend Patrick. The picture went viral because of the comparison and Kayleigh, alongside Laura, discusses the sinister undertones behind the stories. The pair even think about the possibility of a Spongebob horror movie being made.

2. “Goose flying upside down is simply showing off, say experts”

This story, which was featured on, shares how a photographer managed to snap a picture of a goose “whiffling.” Whiffling is defined as being when a goose rolls their body upside down and twists its neck 180 degrees around to its normal position. Kayleigh reveals how freaky she finds the picture, while Laura tries to work out what the human equivalent would be. Kayleigh then scares herself by imagining a horror movie with killer geese. It’s worth noting Laura gets all in a mess over the use of the words goose and geese.

3. “Thrill-seeker and his cat are inseparable and the pair go on hair-raising trips”

This story, which was featured on Daily Mirror, shares how a thrill-seeker takes his cat with him wherever he goes, so his cat has done extreme sports such as paragliding and skiing. Laura and Kayleigh try to work out whether the cat enjoys such activities before settling on the fact that the cat looks adorable on its Instagram page doing said activities. Kayleigh believes the cat looks like they were in the film “The Last Star Fighter”.

TikTok Spotlight:

In the fourth edition of what is set to be a regular segment on the podcast, TikTok Spotlight, Kayleigh highlights a TikTok that she enjoys and believes others would enjoy.

She opted to select the TikTok below, which was uploaded by the user: minorcrimes

@minorcrimesSo I’m down a pair of sunglasses but up a very good story ##monke♬ original sound – Lola Testu

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