In the latest episode of Football Beef, the team discusses the football career of Michael Owen.

Laura O’Leary is joined by Tommy Pitman, Daniel Jones, and Jon Squires as they look to settle the main debates that football fans across the globe have regarding the former Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Stoke City.

Voice Overs by Kayleigh Saunders.

The Michael Owen Debate Questions:

  • Did he fulfill his potential after bursting onto the scene?
  • Would you consider Owen a one-dimensional striker? (aka too reliant on speed)
  • Is Owen overrated or underrated due to how his career ended with him barely playing?

Squires, Jones, and Pitman then take part in Football Beef’s pundit patrol segment as well as take on the quick-fire round on Owen in order to squash any beef that may remain.

The Pundit Patrol Quotes are:

“Michael can keep the ball all day, sees a pass and knows when to release it, he’ll score lots of goals from deep and, if he can stay fit, he’ll play on in midfield until 36 or 37,” .”I didn’t realise what a good footballer Michael was before.” – Kevin Keegan

“He (Michael Owen) is a good goalscorer, not a natural-born one – not yet. That takes time.” – Glenn Hoddle

 ‘Michael Owen’s record of 89 England appearances and 40 goals is a magnificent landmark.’Some of his international strikes were spectacular and have already gone down in England’s modern football history.

‘Although I never got to work with him personally, he always conducted himself extremely well on and off the pitch and was a fine ambassador for English football.” – Roy Hodgson 

“The truth about Michael Owen’s career he had a phenomenally successful career for a period of time and after that he was blighted by injuries” – Gary Lineker

 “He had a great career at Liverpool, though, and a lot of their style was geared to getting the best out of Michael; Gerard Houllier basically gave him free rein, whereas everybody else was very disciplined. Michael was crucial to the success of Liverpool in his early years.” – David Fairclough 

“Unfortunately he started to get hamstring trouble which was a huge frustration for all of us; he never really lost his pace but he had to change his game slightly because that explosiveness off the mark was a key part of his game. “Ability-wise, though, he had everything and if he did not get injured I think 100 caps and 50 goals for England would have been a certainty, but as well as his playing ability he was a role model, too; he behaved well and conducted himself well.” – Sir Trevor Brooking

“He has been a fantastic footballer for all the clubs he played for and for England. You always knew that he was a danger all the time. He was very easy to manage.” – Sven Goran Eriksen 

“Michael really tainted his time with Liverpool when he went to Manchester United and a lot of fans turned against him then; with the way Liverpool and Man United are, he became tarnished and, as such, he’ll never be put down as one of the Liverpool legends.” – John Aldridge

“Seeing Michael at Liverpool in 2001 as the Ballon d’Or winner was incredible, while I also saw him do some incredible things at Anfield at a time when he was probably the best striker in Europe. “He played for three of the biggest-supported clubs in the world, in Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United, and while he could have won more and played more games for those clubs, my goodness, what a player and what a wonderful career.” – Phil Thompson

“We all dreamed of being @themichaelowen scoring that goal against Argie’s. Stuff of boys dreams that. Injury stopped him being 1 of 🌎 greats” – Joey Barton

Football Beef Quick Fire Questions: Michael Owen

Owen & Robbie Fowler or Owen & Emile Heskey?

Right to leave Liverpool in 2004? Yes or No?

Which Owen quote is worse: “Whichever team scores more goals usually wins” or “That would’ve been a goal had it gone inside the post”

Owen or Alan Shearer?

Michael Owen on Masked Singer or Glenn Hoddle on Masked Singer?

Did Owen deserve the Ballon D’or in 2001 – Yes or No?

Goal v Argentina (1998) or Winning Goal v Arsenal (2001 FA Cup final)?

Cheese & Owen or Salt & Linker?

Which viral clip is better: Cringe Dubai Advert or Michael Owen vs the 13-year-old?

Overrated or Underrated?

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