Hey yo.

Welcome to my brand new wrestling column, For The Pop, exclusively on www.totallybuzzed.co.uk. Let me introduce myself and the purpose of this column in the briefest way possible. I’m Laura and I’ve watched pro wrestling since the late 90s, and just like any wrestling fan on the internet, I have opinions. While most will just use Twitter to yell them into the void, I thought I’d be more productive and not limit myself to a 280 character limit by posting them on a website instead.

As for the column, you can expect opinions on wrestling news topics of the day, shows or matches that I’ve recently watched, and everything in between. This also means my column will reference WWE, AEW, MLW, and sometimes if the stars align, other companies.

Now with Wrestlemania nearly upon us, my inaugural column is going to be pretty heavy on WWE. It’s that time of the year after all.

Cody Rhodes v Seth Rollins – It Better Not Be Smoke & Mirrors

So one match to potentially look forward to at Wrestlemania 38 is the rumoured clash between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. It’s been widely reported since his exit from AEW that Cody was WWE-bound, and since then it’s been suggested that he’ll go one on one with Rollins, whose road to Wrestlemania has actually been entertaining to watch.

Watching one man start to unravel due to not having a Wrestlemania spot is an easy storyline to do, granted, but it’s been executed very well. From entertaining backstage segments, exploiting his excellent chemistry with Kevin Owens, his maniacal laugh, to excellent matches like the one he had with AJ Styles recently on Raw, he’s been a regular highlight of WWE’s flagship show. A show that in recent years has struggled to deliver highlights on a consistent basis. So when you put that storyline together with the excitement and intrigue surrounding a potential returning Rhodes, the ingredients are all in place for there to be a red-hot crowd at mania lapping up a potential show-stealing match.

After all, regardless of whether you got bored of Rhodes’ direction in AEW, I know I did, his momentum has had a fresh shot of adrenaline because there are so many questions surrounding him in WWE, which makes me want to see him. How will he be used? Will he be presented like he was in AEW? What theme will he use? Will he be treated as a main eventer? How will the crowd react to him? And are we finally going to see a member of the Rhodes family be a WWE world champion in the near future?

While I won’t get conclusive answers to all those questions at Wrestlemania, getting at least some of those answers as well as a hint of what’s to come…will whet the appetite for more WWE content post-mania.

AJ Styles or Bryan Danielson?

AJ Styles or Bryan Danielson? A question that I didn’t know needed answering, yet it was one that recently dominated my ‘Trends For You’ tab on Twitter. Ric Flair weighed in on the debate, heck he may have actually started it, in order to voice an opinion that made me spit out water like I was recreating Triple H’s entrance. Ric Flair, as quoted by Wrestle Purists. Flair suggested that it would be a “big stretch” to say Danielson is anyway better than AJ Styles. And that seemed a ludicrous thing to say.

Personally, I’d rank them on the same level. Both have a backlog of tremendous of matches, both evolved and adapted to flourish in the WWE bubble and promo-wise – they both know how to sell a feud and keep me enthralled. The difference between them comes down to preference, it’s like choosing between two flavours of quality ice cream. Some days you fancy chocolate ice cream, some days you want strawberry depending on your mood.

If pushed, I’d say I’d rather watch a Danielson match as I prefer his hard-hitting style more; but it’s not like I’d moan if an AJ Styles match was put on instead.

Triple H’s Retirement

Seeing as Triple H was one of my favourite wrestlers growing up (All Hail the McMahon-Helmsley era before it was milked dry) I’ve gotta touch on his retirement. Granted at this point everything that needs to be said about Triple H’s legacy and body of work has been said. The Game had classic feuds, classic matches, and enough memorable moments to fill multiple DVD boxsets.

So all I’ll add to the convo is the following. The two moments below regularly pop into my head: Triple H marries Stephaine and Triple H leaves Stephaine at the alter after the classic soap-opera story arch of a fake pregnancy, and I don’t know what that says about me…

Also, Triple H made me think a leather hat and denim jacket combo was acceptable and I’m not sure how I feel about that in hindsight either.

Blackpool Combat Club

Finally, to touch on something that’s going down in All Elite Wrestling before I round off my first column. The stable of William Regal, Bryan Danielson, and Jon Moxley is an exciting prospect; but I have to admit I’m not a big fan of the name.

I don’t know why but I can’t help but think it takes away from the toughness as all I can picture is a run-down arcade with a mat in it due to the Blackpool connection.

However just like I’ve grown numb to names like Dolph Ziggler, Bron Breakker, and DouDrop; no doubt the name won’t affect my enjoyment of the stable in any form.

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