Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes stole the show at Hell In A Cell and all but ensured that a world title is guaranteed in his future. The American Nightmare’s decision to wrestle with a torn pec may have been controversial, but you’d be hard pushed to find someone who wasn’t taken on a rollercoaster ride watching his clash with Seth Rollins. Every time Cody was remotely touched near his bruise, it added another dimension to the match and truly made him look tough as nails like an average WWE match couldn’t.

CM Punk

Speaking of injuries, CM Punk’s world title reign took an instant bump in the road given his need to go off and have surgery. Hopefully, he’s not sidelined for too long as AEW seemed to take their time building to Punk’s first world title reign, so you feel they must have had an exciting plan in place for another summer of Punk.

However, as for the decision to have an interim champion, the whole thing would have felt acceptable if the road to determine one wasn’t the most complex path possible. Yet if it leads to several instant classics, who am I to complain?

AEW’s Woman Division

Renee Paquette made a few headlines by suggesting that someone other than Britt Baker should have won the Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament and it’s hard not to agree with her. While Baker is amazing, she’s one of arguably two women in AEW that truly feel like a star, and that’s not because the others don’t have the talent; it’s because they haven’t consistently been given the ball to go run with.

Having someone else win the tournament, whether that be Toni Storm, Ruby Soho, or insert name here, would have been the ideal way to get someone to feel on Baker’s level.

AEW’s Women Division does seem to be the weak point of the company at the moment, more so cause of booking than talent, and hopefully, the division will be put on the right track soon.

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