FPL GW32 News

FPL GW32 Summary

It was a big week in the Premier League as Liverpool and Manchester City went head to head. Yet while there was no winner in their clash, the 2-2 draw kept the title race alive for at least another week. It’s also worth noting that the game actually delivered an entertaining watch, so that’s always appreciated. The match itself was fast-paced until the very last, something that the more high-profile clashes in the Premier League can often lack.

Other results:

Newcastle United 1 – 0 Wolves

Everton 1 – 0 Manchester United

Watford 0 – 3 Leeds United

Southampton 0 – 6 Chelsea

Arsenal 1 – 2 Brighton

Aston Villa 0 – 4 Tottenham

Leicester 2 – 1 Crystal Palace

Norwich City 2 – 0 Burnley

Brentford 2 – 0 West Ham

Totally Buzzed’s FPL League Summary

Another week and another week where the top-six stood tall. All of last week’s top-six held onto their spot, with no one budging an inch. So this means Team Sanchos Nachos continues his long-dominant run at the top of the table for at least one more game week. Not only that, but he managed to extend the gap between himself and long-time title rival Team Nighthawks FC, which will no doubt make them more confident about winning the league.

While the top-six didn’t change, there was finally a change regarding the relegation battle. Long-time strugglers Team Pjanic at the Xisco moved above Diesel74. Granted they stay in the bottom three, but perhaps this is the start of their very own great escape. After all, since being bottom following game week one, they have been unable to string together any run of positive form.

And that was Gameweek 32, return shortly to see what’s cracking in game week 33 as the matches continue to come thick and fast.