FPL GW17 & GW18 Summary*

With two weeks filled with postponed games, the Premier League and FPL has been a bit chaotic as of late. Yet there were still some noticeable results across FPL GW17 & GW18 in the games that managed to go ahead. Arguably Manchester City’s 7-0 win over Leeds United in GW17 was the most eye-catching result during that week, while Liverpool’s 2-2 thriller with Tottenham Hotspur dominated the headlines for a variety of reasons in the recently concluded GW18.

Other Results in GW17:

Norwich City 0 – 2 Aston Villa

Brighton 0 – 1 Wolves

Crystal Palace 2 – 2 Southampton

Arsenal 2 – 0 West Ham

Chelsea 1 – 1 Everton

Liverpool 3 – 1 Everton

Other Results in GW18:

Leeds United 1 – 4 Arsenal

Newcastle United 0 – 4 Manchester City

Wolves 0 – 0 Chelsea

Totally Buzzed’s FPL League Summary

With fixtures being canceled left, right, and centre, FPL became difficult for a lot of players over the last two weeks – as just fielding a team of 11 players was a challenge. Yet while the Premier League was thrown into disarray, the Totally Buzzed FPL League looked eerily familiar by the time all was said and done in Gameweek 18.

Team Sanchos Nachos continues to sit top of the table with Team MAN UTD just behind them, and the top six continues to be made up with familiar faces with Team Hey, Ho, Nuno, Team Gee, Team Nighthawks FC, and Team Kai Kai Kai Deliah still in the mix.

FPL Top 6 – GW18

As for the bottom of the league, Team Luc managed to overtake Team Pjanic at the Xisco in Gameweek 17, but Team Pjanic at the Xisco ended up taking back their 51st spot by the time Gameweek 18 had ended.

FPL Bottom 3 – GW18

And that was Gameweek 17 and Gameweek 18, return shortly to see what’s cracking in our FPL league as the fixtures just don’t stop this festive season, no matter how much fatigue is going around.

*Totally Buzzed’s FPL Parody News will return in Gameweek 19.