Totally Buzzed’s League: FPL GW1 (News Bulletin)

FPL GW1 Summary and King of Gameweek 1

The Premier League officially got underway at the weekend which meant that it was time for people’s FPL teams to put up or shut up. With shock results such as Manchester United beating Leeds United 5-1 and Tottenham beating Manchester City 1-0, it’s fair to say some people’s teams performed better than others. This is especially the case when you consider high-profile players such as Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, and Mohamed Salah delivered the goods.

All three of those stars featured in the best possible team of Gameweek 1, as revealed by the official FPL’s Twitter account, alongside the surprising success stories of Brentford’s Ethan Pinnock and Watford’s Emmanuel Dennis who made the grade.

Totally Buzzed’s FPL League Summary

As for Totally Buzzed’s FPL, 50 teams entered and had a wide range of success in GW 1. The highest scorer “ZT” scored 109 points to take the top spot, and the four other teams who made up the top-five also broke the 100-point barrier in GW1.

All five of the above teams benefitted from cleverly fitting both Fernandes and Salah in their teams, and weirdly all the teams in the top five opted to have Brighton’s Robert Sanchez who only managed to contribute two points to their cause.

However, not all teams can do well, and Pjanic at the Xisco has the unfortunate dishonour of propping up the table as they only racked up 35 points. It’s in the Gameweek and Braver Jeverkusen B were the only two teams in the Totally Buzzed FPL league who failed to register at least 50 points.

It’s fair to say Pjanic at the Xisco’s undoing came as they banked on Harry Kane performing as they made him their captain, but the England captain didn’t make the Tottenham squad to face Manchester City on Sunday.

Yet with it only being Gameweek 1, it’s still all to play for, so be sure to come back to see who the movers and shakers are in GW 2 next week.