In this episode of Football Beef, the team discusses the career of Tim Cahill.

In this episode of Football Beef, the team discusses the career of the Everton legend.

Laura is joined by Jon Squires and Tommy Pitman as they look to settle the main debates that football fans across the globe have regarding the former Millwall, Everton, New York Red Bulls, Shanghai Shenhua, Hangjoe Greentown, Melbourne City, Jamshedpur, and Australian midfielder.

Voice Overs by Kayleigh Saunders.

The Tim Cahill Debate Questions:

The debate questions answered are:

  • Did Cahill get the credit he deserved given all his accomplishments such as his Ballon D’Or Nomination?
  • Is Cahill Australia’s greatest ever footballer?
  • Is Cahill one of the greatest bargain signings of all time in Premier League history considering Everton paid only £1.5m for him in 2004?

Football Beef Quick Fire Questions

Harry Kewell or Cahill?

Cahill’s goal v Netherlands or James Rodriguez’s goal v Uruguay at the 2014 World Cup?

Best Header of the ball in Premier League history?

Everton Legend: Yes or No?

Cahill or Gary Cahill?

Biggest disappointment – Losing FA Cup final in Everton v Chelsea (2009) or Millwall v Manchester United (2004)?

Bicycle Kick v Chelsea or Bicycle Kick v China?

Cahill’s boxing corner flag celebration or Rooney’s KO Boxing Celebration?

Shithouse or Not A Shithouse?

Underrated or Overrated?

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