In this episode of Football Beef, the team discusses the career of Arjen Robben.

Laura is joined by Daniel Jones and Tommy Pitman as they look to settle the main debates that football fans across the globe have regarding the former FC Groningen, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich winger.

Voice Overs by Kayleigh Saunders.

The Debate Questions:

The debate questions answered are:

  • Does Robben’s injury record/reputation undersell how many games he went on to play/the length of his career and his overall level of success?
  • Where should ‘Robbery’ rank in the history of football’s greatest double acts?
  • Should Robben be considered the greatest “one-footed” player in modern times?

The Pundit Patrol Quotes Are:

“Cunning. Rapid. Match-winner” – Martin Keown, 2014

“He is a very good diver, but that is the way it goes. It is the referee – Robben is a fantastic player, but he doesn’t need to do it. He gets in front of the player, he goes down” – Wenger, 2014

“I think he’s one of the most complete players I’ve ever played with: pace, power, technique, skill, strong character. When he signed for Chelsea, he walked out for training, and obviously, you’re playing in the same position so you think ‘I wonder if he’s any good’. He’s put the ball down and whipped two free-kicks in the top bin. And I thought ‘I’d better start training harder, this guy’s unbelievable.” – Joe Cole

“I will use the example of Robben. Whatever the world says about him, or thinks about him – he delivers. One time, he will miss the easy pass and everyone will moan ‘why did he shoot?’. Next time, he will not pass and shoot from that angle again – goal! – then it’s ‘oh, good idea to shoot from there’.He doesn’t care what the opinions from outside are, he knows how his team needs him to use his skills.” – Jurgen Klopp

“You knew he was going to come back in on his left but the left-back couldn’t deal with it. He’d be saying, ‘I’m going to come in on my left, you’re not gonna stop me’. And they didn’t. What a player. Robben was great. We should have signed him at Man United.” – Rio Ferdinand 

“He’s got tremendous talent and a beautiful left foot, but his right leg is made of chocolate” – Johan Cruyff 

Football Beef Quick Fire Questions

 Xavi and Iniesta or Robben and Ribery?

One-Trick Pony Label warranted – Yes or No?

Volley v United or CL winner v Dortmund?

Dive or No Dive – What would you expect Robben to do?

What’s more amusing: Robben’s reaction to being subbed or Robben’s Celebration Goof

Robben or Giggs?

Chelsea sold him too soon? – Yes or No?

Which world cup was the bigger missed opportunity for Robben & Netherlands – 2010 or 2014?

Should Robben have come out of retirement to attempt a glorious fairytale ending at FC Groningen – Yes or No?

Overrated or Underrated?

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