In the second episode of Football Beef, the team discusses the football career of Alan Shearer

Laura O’Leary is joined by Jon Squires and Daniel Jones as they look to settle the main debates that football fans across the globe have regarding the former Southampton, Blackburn Rovers, and Newcastle United striker Alan Shearer.

Voice Overs by Kayleigh Saunders.

The Alan Shearer Debate Questions:

  • Should Shearer have joined Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United?
  • Does Shearer’s lack of club honours affect the perception of him?
  • Is he the greatest Premier League striker of all time?

The Pundit Patrol Quotes are:

“I told him to his face he was the most overrated player I have ever seen.” – Rudd Gullit

“Alan is a player in a class of his own. He lifts the whole team and turns draws into victories. In a word: priceless.” – Kenny Dalglish

“I don’t think we’ll have a striker in that mould again.” – Paul Ince

“I like him because you get a lot of flair players, but nobody was as mentally tough as Alan, who got the most out of his body for such a long time. Probably the greatest Premiership player ever.” – Michael Owen

“England have had many great strikers over the years who have excelled in certain parts of the game but there is no chink at all in Shearer’s armour, even to the point of magnificent mental strength.

“He works so hard. He’s not afraid to put himself around physically and won’t be intimidated by aggressive tactics. He is a clever player, who is capable of understanding tactical instructions and then carrying them out, even if it means defensive duties.

“He is not just after the glory of scoring goals. You see him running to the wings, demanding the ball, searching for space, especially down the right, where he crosses the ball in as good as any winger in the game.” – Glenn Hoddle

“I wouldn’t say he was the most talented centre-forward in the world, he wouldn’t go and take a centre-half on and do six stepovers and a dummy to the side.

“It was more straightforward, he would gain that half a yard, shoot, and score the goal. That’s all he had to do, it was so simple, A to B, and that was Alan. He was the best at it.” – Kevin Gallacher

“As brave as a lion. He’s a bit of a throwback, but with a modern touch.” – Jamie Redknapp

Football Beef Quick Fire Questions: Alan Shearer

Shearer or Thierry Henry?

FA Cup winners medal or PL winners medal?

Shearer or Michael Owen?

What’s the more impressive golden boot win – Premier League Golden Boot 96-97 season or Euro 96?

Would you rather Shearer on the Volley or Shearer hit it on his head?

Shearer & Chris Sutton or Andy Cole & Dwight Yorke?

Right to retire for England after Euro 2000 – Yes or No

Underrated or Overrated?

Overachieved or Underachieved?

Greatest Premier League striker of all time?

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