In the first episode of Football Beef, the team discusses the football career of David Beckham.

Laura O’Leary is joined by Tommy Pitman and Daniel Jones as they look to settle the main debates that football fans across the globe have regarding the former Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan, and PSG midfielder.

Voice Overs by Kayleigh Saunders.

The Debate Questions:

Did David Beckham’s off-the-field fame affect his playing career?
Does David Beckham deserve to be considered one of England’s best-ever captains?
Is David Beckham overrated/underrated due to his stature as a pop culture icon?

The Pundit Patrol Quotes are:

“I think his career was on the slide when he left Manchester United; I know he went to Madrid and did alright and won the league, but when he went to America it was the beginning of the end” – Gordon McQueen

“You always think of his crossing but he was a better all-round footballer than he was given credit for – I had my doubts when he went to Real Madrid but he proved that he was a proper player in any climate, country, or team” – Martin Tyler

“I think he’s been an absolute superstar. Forget about the Beckham brand, he gave every ounce of blood and guts when he was on a football field. Yes, he wasn’t Lionel Messi or in the top 20 most skillful players in the world, but he brought honesty, commitment, and style to every team he played for.” – Charles Nicholas

“The person who has negative things to say is either jealous or hates him. Because there are no negative things to say about him.” – Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“He could dribble with the ball, but he didn’t need to dribble with the ball. If you are putting yourself into areas of the pitch where you are still effective, then why do you need to dribble the ball?” – Nigel Winterburn

Football Beef Quick Fire Questions: David Beckham

Beckham or Giggs?

Man Bun or CornRows?

Roberto Carlos on FreeKicks or Beckham on freekicks

Who is more famous: David or Victoria?

Freekick v Greece or Halfway line goal v Wimbledon?

Bend It Like Beckham or Goal?

Man United: Right or Wrong to sell in 2003?

Michael Owen’s WLS 2000 or David Beckham Soccer?

MLS: Too Soon or Not Soon Enough?

Overrated or Underrated?

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